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Message from the Executive Principal


Dear Parents 

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you all, and look forward to meeting you in person.

At AIS Saigon we aim to offer the very best holistic education, not only in Vietnam for day students, but also across SE Asia with our wonderful boarding facilities. This aim is founded on five key beliefs: 

That academic rigour and intellectual curiosity lead to success in examinations. Examination results give access to the very best universities and employers. Our students celebrate enthusiasm for learning in school and become lifelong learners. 

That success in life is not determined by school grades alone. Personal qualities and values ultimately determine whether academic potential is translated into meaningful careers and a life well lived. Our holistic education ensures our alumni are well balanced, resilient and innovative young men and women; with the leadership skills to turn opportunities into realities. 

That a happy child will be a successful child, students who are safe, happy and who enjoy their school days will achieve their potential. Here at AIS Saigon, academic success and the development of the whole person are rooted in exceptional pastoral care, with lifelong friendships and contacts made. Our graduates are quietly confident, curious, creative thinkers, who possess the skills and qualities to make a difference in the world, and at the same time enjoy personal fulfilment. 

That we employ the very best staff and support their career development. Our staff are the heart of our success, modelling the values we hold dear each day for our students to emulate. Passionate about their subjects, they place a premium upon understanding each student’s individual needs, nurturing their development. 

That we work closely with you, our parents, at all times and value your insights. 

Education at AIS Saigon is inspiring, culturally rich, aspirational, and life enhancing. We have a lot of fun along the way too.

Kind regards

— Jon Standen, Executive Principal

Our Vision, Philosophy & Values


Our Philosophy

The Australian writer David Malouf encourages the learner:  

"Here, take a tuning fork, throw it down, and hear the planet hum."   

At AIS, we want students to listen to the world around them, "hear it hum", and grow into young people who are curious, reflective, and want to make a positive difference in the world.  

The philosophy behind the teaching methods on all courses offered at AIS, Vietnam, is to emphasise the development of each student's academic ability, and encourage pupils to become well-rounded, confident individuals who aspire to achieve their goals. 

The curriculums in place are rigorous and balanced, with an appreciation of pupils' different learning styles and prior educational experiences. Lessons support students' strengths and talents so that they are excited by the learning process and embrace challenges with a belief in their abilities.  


Our Mission 

AIS is committed to providing high-quality international education. We encourage and support young students up to the age of 18 years in their journey to becoming inquiring and knowledgeable learners with the confidence to achieve their full potential. We empower our students to be global citizens who can actively make a difference to our world.

A Brief History 

The History of AIS in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 

The History of AIS in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 

AIS Welcomes its First Students 

AIS first opened its doors in August 2006 with a secondary campus in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam. It was founded by Mr Nigel Russell and Mrs Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy in response to the increasing demand for premium schooling and the lack of choice for high-quality international education in HCMC.  

AIS's Opening: Thuy (centre front), and Nigel (right front), together with AIS's first school Principal, Mr Chris Faisandier (left front), the Australian Consul General, Mr Mal Skelly (next to Nigel), and along with representatives of RMIT University and the business community in HCMC, August 2006.at AIS's Opening, August 2006. 
The Original AIS Campus

The Original AIS Campus

The original AIS campus was based in a beautiful old French villa, which had been previously renovated and expanded by RMIT (of Australia). It was utilised as the first RMIT University site in HCMC however, when RMIT moved out to its new campus in District 7, AIS acquired the villa, and the first AIS students enrolled the following year.  

AIS students and staff, March 2007   

Lotus and Cherry Blossom

Popular Demand

The growing student body quickly outgrew the old French villa, and Nigel and Thuy decided to open a Kindergarten and Primary campus in Thao Dien. AIS acquired and renovated Dynotots, a successful Kindergarten operating in the leafy APSC residential compound in Thao Dien. Additionally, a nearby villa in the same compound was renovated to create an additional Primary School building. Lotus and Cherry Blossom, the renovated buildings, are now fully integrated additions to the AIS's Thao Dien Campus, alongside a brand-new adjacent Sports Centre, which opened in August 2007.  

Due to increasing demand following the opening of Lotus and Cherry Blossom, an additional stand-alone Kindergarten facility was built and opened at Xi Riverview, Thao Dien, in August 2009.  

“Cherryblossum”, Thao Dien Campus, under construction, June 2007


Expansion of AIS in Ho Chi Minh City

Expansion of AIS in Ho Chi Minh City

Meanwhile, in 2007, during the expansion of AIS in Ho Chi Minh City, Australian International Education Services Company Limited (ACG) built an impressive new school campus in Thu Thiem Ward. As a privately-owned education company, based in New Zealand, with an outstanding reputation for premium private schools in New Zealand and Indonesia, the organisation expertly constructed an impressive new school campus within Thu Thiem Ward. 

AIS and ACG Join Inspired Education Group 

In 2019, AIS Vietnam and ACG Schools joined Inspired and became part of one of the leading global groups of premium schools.  

Thu Thiem Campus, under construction, July 2007


AIS Vietnam and ACG Schools joined Inspired

Recent Times

In 2019, AIS Vietnam and ACG Schools joined Inspired, one of the leading global groups of premium schools.  

In 2020, AIS became the first premium international education provider in Vietnam with premium boarding on-site facilities. A new boarding residence at the unique Thu Thiem campus houses 50 students and a large ratio of House Parents, who supervise and ensure the safety of happy boarders. Residents board in allocated dormitories either on a weekly or termly basis depending on their needs. 

Now entering its 15th year, AIS is proud to be one of the top IB World Schools in Vietnam. Over 1,200 students from 40 nationalities attend Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school classes at three campuses in District 2, Thu Duc City. Praising AIS as a fulfilling place to learn and enjoy their childhood, many of the school's alumni have proceeded to graduate from some of the best universities in the world.  

AIS’s Thu Thiem Campus

International Accreditations

A Premium IB World School  

International Baccalaureate Programme
Accreditation for PYP, DP and IB

AIS is proudly authorised by the International

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Cambridge International Exams

International General Certificate
of Secondary Education IGCSE

In commitment to an internationally transferable

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Council of International School  

Membership to the Council of
International School

AIS is certified by the Council of International

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