AIS Alumni

Whilst graduates from Australian International School (AIS) attend universities across the world, Alumni will always be considered part of the school, and AIS loves to hear from them.  

All AIS alumni are welcome to connect with AIS via our LinkedIn page, where former students can reach out to classmates and find out the latest school news. 

What Our Alumni Have to Say About AIS 

Andrew Quoc Anh, (Class of 2020) 

From receiving a 45/45 IB predicted grade, three academic excellence awards for English, Economics and TOK (Theory of Knowledge), to receiving the DUX award, I’ve achieved a lot at Australian International School (AIS). However, what I will look back on most fondly is the time spent with my classmates. 

I will never forget the friends I have made from diverse backgrounds, the school spirit felt during the Year 12 camping trip, and the late nights and long weekends participating in - and organising! - events. These have been undoubtedly, some of the best moments for me during my time at AIS. 

Victor Vu (Class of 2015) 

The most valuable element I have gained from my time at Australian International School (AIS) is the exposure to a very international environment, which perfectly prepared me for college life. At AIS, I made a lot of great friendships and met some amazing teachers, who have continued to guide me through life. 

Under the IB Curriculum, I was taught to become an independent thinker who would not hesitate to challenge the status quo and come up with innovative solutions. My expected IB Grade at the end of Year 12 was below 30, however, I graduated with a 38! My time at AIS really unfolded my potential. I have graduated from the University of Melbourne with a BA in Finance (Class of 2017). I lived on campus at Ormond College, where I received a Scholar Award for High Achiever. Now, I am off to Madrid to do my Double MA in Management and Finance at IE Business School. After I graduate, I will take over the family business. My long-term goal is to transform the agricultural industry in Vietnam and become an industry leader in sustainable development. 


Terry Cao (Class of 2015) 

I am now a student at the University of Massachusetts. I went on a year-long exchange at the University of Manchester (UK), which led me to undertake a double MA in Sociology and Sport Management. 

I also work as a professional soccer coach with an elite soccer high school and in addition, I also manage the Junior Varsity team and run Hanoi Sports Academy Previously, I have been a community football coach with Manchester United Football Club. During my three years at AIS, the teachers were some of the best - if not the best! -  educators I have ever met. Now that I am an educator in youth sports, I have even more appreciation for how supportive, knowledgeable, and resourceful my teachers at AIS were. 

Mai Phuoc Minh Quan (Class of 2020) 

Australian International School (AIS) has given me many opportunities to explore a variety of interests, both in and out of the classroom.  In addition to my classical music lessons, I took part in maths competitions, trained new members of the Model United Nations group, and founded the Student Support Group to promote the importance of mental health, while helping those who may be in need.