Partners In Education

Partners In Education

“Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement, and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.” Bob Keeshan,

I would very much like to take the opportunity afforded by this month’s newsletter to express my deep appreciation of the AIS parent community. I would like to acknowledge that this has been a difficult time, post-covid and with probably the least amount of contact within the school, for all our school community. Many of you will not have had the chance to see your child’s classroom or meet their teachers face-to face. You have often had to be patient while our teaching colleagues have started the new school year. Celebrations and social events that are such an enjoyable part of the school year have all been on hold. Of course, many of the same systems and practices have affected the wider community, in our social and work lives it does seem a particularly long time since our world was normal.

In some ways, HCMC and Vietnam are in an enviable position. Schools have opened and stayed open due to the safety guidelines in place. Students and staff feel safe and supported, ready to be successful this year and, although it is by no means a normal school year, we do have our friends, colleagues and a sense of community to help us move ahead. Parents have, inevitably, been somewhat on the outside of this so, as AIS begins to welcome them back into school, I want to say how very welcome it is to have you back.

I am confident, as we go forward, that your parent-teacher meetings will help you and help us to support your child. All too often parents’ impact on school culture can be overlooked. Good, positive parent involvement supports better school attendance, attitude and behaviour. When a student feels there is a connection between home and school life it is possible to see them, not as two distinct places, but as a home from home. A good relationship between parents and school can result in greater understanding of the school curriculum and school life.

As educators, we always want to share with parents some of the knowledge and skills we use to help our students and, to this end, we would like to run a series of parent workshops, to help break down barriers. While we are here to teach and prepare students for the world, we appreciate that the most overwhelming key to a child’s achievement is the positive involvement of parents. Parents plus teachers make successful students.

What are the expectations, then? Attend school meetings, parent-teacher conferences, school events and occasionally helping out as a volunteer. You do make a difference in the short term to your child’s self-esteem and positive attitude towards school – they do want to make you feel proud! Longer term, they see that you value a good education and are more likely to reap the benefits by becoming ready to follow a path to university and beyond.

What can we, at AIS, do better? I would like to make a commitment to reach out to the families of AIS. Together, in partnership with our Senior Leadership Team and myself and with clear and regular communication, we hope to involve parents in school activities and conversations around educational issues which impact our children. I would like to invite you to write to me and tell me what kind of parent workshops you would like us to offer in Term 3, as long as there are no further restrictions arising about group sizes and so on due to any covid related issues. We would also like to put out a parent survey in the near future. I want to make sure that, as a new Executive Principal at the school, I hear your voices and establish good routes for communication so that you can feel confident, connected and, importantly, engaged in the AIS school community. I do hope that you can help me in this and look forward to meeting and hearing from as many of our parent community as I can.

Ms Davina McCarthy – AIS Executive Principal