Re-Enrolment For The 2019-2020 Academic Year

Re-Enrolment For The 2019-2020 Academic Year

Dear Parents,

A fundamental belief in excellence and a desire to provide the best opportunities for your children, whether in the classroom or in our extensive extra-curricular programme, is at the heart of what we seek to achieve at AIS. It is delightful to see our students achieve so much success, whether academically – where one of our students has been accepted to London School of Economics and another finished first in Vietnam in two IGCSE subjects; or in sport – where for the first time three AIS teams won the HCMC city-wide championships, and our swim team continues to go from success to success; or in the performing arts – such as the quality of the school band, the school productions, or the forthcoming visual arts exhibition. AIS students consistently finish above world averages in the IB Diploma and receive offers to outstanding universities the world over.

AIS is committed to school improvement, both academically and operationally and we continue to fine-tune what we do. Many improvements were made in the past 12 months, such as the new access control system at Thu Thiem Campus. In the next year, there will be further investments in resources for Music and Design Technology, ongoing professional development for staff to ensure they remain the best in HCMC, new ICT resources, and the extension of Drama and Dance across the School, as well as improvements to several school buildings.

In order for us to plan staffing and resources for the next academic year, we would be grateful if you could please inform us about your intentions for next year. You will need to re-enrol your children for the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

Simply login to the parent portal of MyAIS with your username and password and complete the steps for each child. We understand that some of you may not know your plans or that these might change, however we request that you complete re-enrolment based on your current expectation.

AIS Bus Service
The School operates an extensive bus service for students living in many parts of HCMC. We encourage families to use this service as it is highly convenient, and saves considerable time and effort for parents so any increase in fees has been kept very low. If you would like to use the School’s Bus Service next year, please sign and return the Bus Registration Form.

AIS Fees 2019-2020
In setting the fees for the new academic year, a number of factors are taken into consideration. Inflationary pressures on all expenditure, increases in salaries and wages, additional staffing, and foreign exchange movements all influence the costs of running the School. We are very conscious of the impact of increasing tuition fees on parents, and we have sought to minimise any increases. We are pleased to confirm that our fees remain highly competitive, usually lower, when compared to other genuinely international schools in HCMC. As parents are aware, unlike many schools, the tuition fees at AIS include excursions, accident insurance and outdoor education camps. Please view here the fees for the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

Withdrawal from AIS
If at any time you wish to withdraw your child from AIS you will need to complete a Withdrawal Form and you may be invited to meet with the Executive Principal. A Withdrawal Form must be completed and submitted by 19 April 2019 (8 school weeks before end of the year for your safety sake) if you do not intend to re-enrol your child at AIS for the next academic year.

As we head into the final term of the 2018-2019 Academic Year, we would like to thank you for entrusting us with your children’s education. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you as a family in new academic year. AIS believes that by working closely with families, children have the greatest opportunity not just to be successful, but more importantly to be the best they can be, and so contribute positively to both their families and society.

Yours sincerely