Saigon International Floor Hockey Invitational Tournament

Saigon International Floor Hockey Invitational Tournament

At the end of last term, both AIS Cherry Blossom and Thu Thiem campuses competed in the second annual Saigon International Floor Hockey tournament, hosted by ISHCMC. Having won the tournament last year, we were eager to retain the trophy.

When we arrived at ISHCMC we were given information about the tournament. There were six teams in total and we were split into two conferences.

In my conference, first it was AIS CB A against ISHMC BLUE. It was a close match and we tied. Then we played against AIS TT A and won. In the other conference, it was AIS CB B against TT B and after that AIS CB A got a bye and went to the semi-final (which means they didn’t have to play the next round. The second team that got a bye was ISHMC BLUE).

It was time for the semi-final so we walked up to the gym again and saw who was going in the semi-final. The teams going in the semi-final were AIS CB A, AIS CB B, ISHMC WHITE and ISHMC BLUE. It was AIS CB B against TT A and they won. Then it was the final it was AIS CB A against ISHMC WHITE and we also tied! But it was the final so we had to finish with a winner so we took one player off each team every minute until there was a result. Finally, when it was 3 against 3, Kim had a free pass and she passed it to Elias and Elias scored! We settled down and the coaches gave a presentation about the second annual hockey competition. Then they announced the winners and it was AIS CB A and now you can see the trophy near Mr. Jay’s office at Cherry Blossom.

The students would like to thank Ms Hills and Mr Maher for coaching us and taking us to the tournament.