Child Safety

Our Commitment to Child Safety

Australian International School (AIS) is fully committed to child safety. As a priority, the school is dedicated to ensuring that each student is fully able to learn in a secure, nurturing environment, conducive to their well-being and safety. We support and respect all children, both in school and at home. The welfare of our staff and volunteers is also supported in our vision for the AIS community to remain a healthy and thriving environment.  

Zero-Tolerance Policy

There is a zero-tolerance policy on child abuse. All allegations and safety concerns will be treated very seriously and consistently in line with policies and procedures. We have a legal and moral obligation to contact authorities regarding any child safety concerns.  

As an integral part of a commitment to preventing child abuse, all faculty members are trained to identify, report, and remove risks as early as possible. Stringent safeguarding reporting protocols ensure the continued safety of each student, and we work with parents and local authorities where necessary.

Additionally, we are committed to upholding a rigorous staff vetting process and ensure continued training of all faculty members and volunteers on child abuse risks to ensure the wellbeing of all learners. As an international school of 40 nationalities, AIS seeks to create and foster an improved sense of community and safety by understanding, respecting, and celebrating our varied beliefs, nationalities, and cultures, while supporting and respecting all children, staff members and volunteers. 

Code of Conduct Policy

The Code of Conduct policy supports our leadership team, staff, and volunteers in an active commitment to a safe, respectful, and thriving school environment. AIS’s policies and procedures are available from the school and are included in the staff manual. A summary of the school policies is also outlined in AIS Parent Handbook.