Snakes Alive!

Snakes Alive!

Being a reptile enthusiast is not easy. Sometimes I get judged badly for loving exotic animals like snakes, because it seems like an odd choice to most people. When I was in Year 12, something changed. A teacher in the science corridor asked me if I wanted to show my pet Ball Python, Banana, to her younger students. I was thrilled! When I took Banana out of his cage, the students’ reaction was “ Aww!” They all loved him.

So a year later, I did the same thing for a CAS Experience. I never get tired of it. Once a week, I host a primary reptile show at 2:40 in Mrs Vy’s room. The show lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. During that time, I give a brief introduction to the snake I’m presenting and teach the students how to handle it properly.

You would expect the kids to be terrified of the snake, but most of them are amazed and so excited to hold Banana. There are some kids who are scared, but when interacting with the snake for long enough, they get so used to him and even request I do the show again with other reptiles.

This proves that when kids experience things like animals they are scared of, with proper teaching they can overcome their fear and even love the experience.

I would like to continue this CAS experience since the goal I’m aiming for is to inspire kids to love and care for all animals. I would also like to encourage IB students to expand their perspectives and get creative with their passions for CAS.

By Banh Bach Bang