Speaking, Showcasing, and Sharing – AIS English Virtual Book Sale

Speaking, Showcasing, and Sharing – AIS English Virtual Book Sale

Australian International School’s (AIS) Year 7 English students are busy gearing up for AIS’s English Department’s annual Virtual Book Sale. The event will take place on Thursday, April 22nd and will be the third of its kind held at the school.

Ms Lynette Hutting, who devised the concept, shared “The Virtual Book Sale doesn’t involve selling real books or making real money. It is really an opportunity for our students to try out their best persuasive speaking skills in English. The student’s task is to convince fellow students in the other classes who visit their bookstall to read and enjoy the book they read this term. In essence, they are making recommendations for their Summer Reading.”

While the Book Sale is scheduled for next month, it actually began at the start of Term 3 when students selected a novel of their own choice from the school library. During the course of the term, students have been logging their reading progress in individual reading journals. They also have been designing posters of their novels and authors to decorate their bookstalls and practice their sales pitches for the big event.

On the day itself, students will showcase their novels to students from other classes, teachers and administrators and try to persuade them to buy the books (virtually, of course!). If shoppers are swayed to “buy” their books, the booksellers will give them a “sales receipt” that will be put into the “Book Box” for the raffle at the end of the sale. Prizes will be given to one lucky student shopper and one lucky bookseller.

The event is a great way of introducing attendees to the wealth of Young Adult fiction available in AIS’s school library, giving them plenty of good recommendations for their Summer Reading. Most importantly, however, the Virtual Book Sale also provides the “booksellers” with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the magic of literature while practicing and refining their persuasive speaking skills in English.

Speaking on their experiences as a seller of the event last year, AIS student, Yuna Roh shared, “As I talked to more and more people at the Book Sale, I became more comfortable. I was very nervous with the first person I spoke to and with the last person I knew what to say and felt confident. I started not to be nervous talking to people in English after the Book Sale.”

The Virtual Book Sale is one of many interesting initiatives at AIS to encourage students to get out of the classroom and put the skills they have learnt into practice in hands-on settings. To learn more about AIS’s approach to education for lower secondary school students, download a copy of AIS’s Curriculum Handbook here.

Rob Haggett