8:30 am to 3:15 pm 
Tuesday 18 June – Friday 19 July
Fun-filled summer days for your children. The AIS Summer School operates in a positive, caring and supportive learning environment.
Contact us: (+84) 028 3742 4040

2019 Programme Fees

Full Programme Fee (5 weeks) at Thu Thiem & Thao Dien Campus

• VND 28,000,000 for tuition, activities and excursions

Full Programme Lunch Fee

• VND 1,920,000 for lunch and snack

Play School (Xi Campus)

• VND 14,000,000–for the full 5 week programme

Full Programme Bus Fee

Complimentary bus for students aged 5 and above who sign up for the full duration of a programme in district 1, district 7 and designated parts of District 2 (AIS Sports Centre, AIS Xi Campus, HAGL Building, Fideco, Estella, Imperia, Vista and Cantavil).

• Other districts: will confirm by Bus Team.
– VND 3,650,000 for a full programme or;
– VND 650,000 for first week (following a duration of registration); VND 750,000  for other weeks (following a duration of registration).
– Daily payment are not acceptable.

*Students will receive: a T-shirt & Certificate of Attendance

*Age entry into each programme is based on the 2018-2019 academic year.

All inquiries relating to Summer School:

Contact us: (+84) 028 3742 4040


Weekly Fee at Thu Thiem & Thao Dien Campus

Week 1:

• Programme – VND 5,000,000

• Lunch – VND 320,000

• Bus – VND 650,000

Week 2-5 (for registration as weekly):

• Programme – VND 6,000,000

• Lunch – VND 400,000

• Bus – VND 750,000

Play School at Xi Campus 
Week 1:

• Programme – VND 2,500,000

• Lunch – VND 320,000

Week 2-5 (for registration as weekly):

• Programme – VND 3,000,000

• Lunch – VND 400,000

Early Bird Discount:10% discount if register for 5 week programme and payment made by 26 May 2019.
Sibling Discount:10% discount for second and subsequent child.
AIS Students Discount:10% discount for current AIS students.
Returners Discount:10% discount for students who attended the Summer or Winter programme in 2018.



Thu Thiem Campus
• Years 1-11

Thao Dien Campus
• Years 1-6

Full English immersion programme with strong focus on English language development. Students will build confidence in speaking, listening reading and writing across a variety of text types including academic language, and expressing ideas. Students will have fun doing mini-projects to consolidate their learning.


Thu Thiem Campus
• Joeys: Aged 3-5 years old

Thao Dien Campus
• Joeys: Aged 3-5 years old
• Kangaroos: Years 1-3
• Koalas: Years 4-6

A structured learning programme of reading, writing and collaborative learning. Students will learn through weekly themes. ICT, sports, arts & crafts, music and cooking are also included as part of the programme. 'Kangaroos' and 'Koalas' attend a weekly excursion.


Xi Campus

• Joeys: Aged 18 months – 3 years old

Learning through explorative play. Children can play, learn, eat and rest. There will be opportunities to do artwork, listen to stories and dance to music. Physical activities will also take place in the designated outdoor play area. Children will also be able to enjoy free play, where they can choose what they would like to do. Your child will have plenty of opportunities to interact with other children, developing their communication skills.