AIS Newsletter Archive

The Challenge of Good Parenting

Published November 2018

Recently a number of staff have become parents for the first time. The joy on their faces is simply wonderful, despite the lack of sleep! Although my own children are adults and I now have grandchildren, I remember the day that each of my children was born and the sense of overwhelming love that flowed through me.

Raising confident children

Published October 2018

At the end of each term I make time to reflect on what has occurred during the term, and so plan for the next one. This term has been quite remarkable. Despite the pressure that can occur with a huge growth in school enrolment, the students have settled well and are working hard.


Published September 2018

This past week I spoke with the students about perseverance. I showed a Tedx talk, called Making the Impossible Possible by Imran Khan, ( While the talk was filmed in 2011, and deals with how with how the speaker became an international sports star, it is worth watching in full, as Imran Khan kept dreaming and kept persevering, and is now the new Prime
Minister of Pakistan.

Start of Year

Published August 2018

Welcome to the 2018/19 academic year. I trust all families have had a refreshing summer and have now settled back into the routines of school life.

Good decision-making

Published June 2018

As we come to the end of a very successful year, I give my thanks to all in our community – parents, staff, and students for your support of AIS this year. I wish everyone a wonderful, restful summer and look forward to welcoming you back to the School in August.

Student Leadership

Published May 2018

Recently we held both our graduation ceremony for Year 13 and our leadership assembly for newschool captains. AIS has wide ranging opportunities for student leadership, from the Primary School SRC and speaking in assemblies to the house leaders, GIN groups, SRC, prefects and school captains in the Secondary School.

Social capital and emotional equity

Published April 2018

Schools are very much about raising capital and increasing equity. By this I do not mean that they are simply about money, rather the purpose of a good school is to increase the ‘social capital’ of its students. Social capital is the skill set we all need to manage life.


Published February 2018

As we celebrate the lunar year, the whole country stops for Tet. It is a wonderful holiday full of flowers, new beginnings and hospitality. Most of all, Tet is a time for family. Family has a special meaning in Vietnam.

When I think about family, I remember my own parents (both of whom are still alive) my children and now my grandchildren. I am thankful for what I learned from my parents My mother is both wise and good fun and I have learned much from her, both about life and people.


Published January 2018

Recently Mr Vella and I returned from Australia where we attended a fair for recruiting new staff. This year we have our lowest turnover in the teaching staff, which is further evidence of the growing reputation of the school. The biggest influence that a school has on students’ learning is via the classroom teacher. While we might not understand the research, we know what a difference it makes when we see our children flourish under the guidance of a good teacher


Published December 2017

The annual parent survey was conducted in November. There were 248 responses (23 from Kindergarten, 117 primary and 108 secondary), and for the first time the survey was sent in 3 languages (English, Vietnamese, and Korean). Year 1 families (28) followed by Year 9 (23) and Year 4 (20) were the best responders. Every year level had families responding which is pleasing. The survey consisted of 33 questions, each with 5 possible responses: strongly agree / agree / disagree / strongly disagree / no opinion. The results are similar between TD and TT (differences less than 4% per question).