Student Welfare

Respectful Relationships

It is no accident that AIS is known for the respectful way students and teachers engage with each other at school. From lessons in mindfulness in its Primary School, to cyber safe and appropriate relationships in its Secondary School, specific student welfare lessons are timetabled into every classroom across AIS, with age-specific learning delivered to support AIS students in their character development. With the support of the staff, students build the social capital necessary to grow into leaders in their communities. The entire programme is designed to help students make good choices in life and so build respect.

In AIS’s Kindergarten and Primary School, class teachers are responsible for taking care of their students, and are the first key person for students and their parents regarding any concerns that may arise. These members of staff are supported by the Principal and Deputy Principal of the Kindergarten and Primary School.

While, in the Secondary School, Homeroom teachers provide the core support for our students and parents. They are supported by Student Welfare Coordinators, the Head of Senior School, and ultimately the Secondary School Deputy Principal and Deputy Executive Principal.

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