The Animal Rooms at Thu Thiem Campus

The Animal Rooms are up and running for their second year.  During the first week of school, the animals Bonnie the bunny, Mango the royal python and the two corn snakes, returned home from their holidays.  We also have some new additions to the Science family on the D block 4th floor corridor, including: Mocha the tegu, Bob the baby iguana, many new mice, and a new baby corn snake.

The Animal Rooms were created in Term 1 in 2015, and since then, have become a huge part of the School, especially for students taking Science.  Each animal is looked after by a senior student taking the IB Diploma and counts as part of their hours towards their Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) program.  Every day, the senior students are on the 4th floor cleaning, feeding and playing with the animals. 

During Year 7 to 13 Science classes, some of the animals can be seen running through the corridor, gripping onto a student’s arm or sitting on a teacher’s head!   However, the animals are more than just companions: senior students are learning important lessons about responsibility and respect for nature, while middle school students are able to see first-hand the adaptations of many different species. 

Our younger students from Xi, Cherry Blossom, Lotus and Thu Thiem Primary campuses, are able to come and meet the animals, and learn a bit about them, as part of their different Units of Inquiry.  Visiting parents have also been very impressed with this exciting edition to their children’s education.

This year, the new position of Animal Rooms Supervisor was awarded to Mai Diem Ngan (Year 13) due to her commitment and enthusiasm last year in caring for the mice.  She is now in charge of ensuring all animals at AIS are cared for adequately.  Congratulations to Ngan!