Thong Nguyen Vuu

When I think about AIS, I think of family – a very close-knit family. No matter what your background is, you can feel at home here. What l learned at AIS has proved so valuable to my university life and career. I learned how to learn, I learned to be curious and to ask questions. I learned to open my heart. Friends and teachers were always there to give you support – all I needed to do was ask. After AIS I went to Oxford. I graduated with a Bachelor in Mathematics. I now work at a travel tech start-up called Traveloka. It’s an exciting, fast-paced environment, working with people who used to be in top consulting firms and big four companies. I’m a Display Marketing Analyst. I work with numbers everyday, from budget allocation, campaign optimization and planning to achieve KPIs. I love working in my field and for a company that enables mobility.