U11 Soccer Teams win 1st place in SISAC U11 Boys Football Tournament

The AIS Under 11 Boys’ Soccer teams yesterday showed that hardwork, determination and team work yield amazing results.
On Wednesday 25 May 2016, the two AIS U11 Boy’s Soccer teams from Thao Dien and Thu Thiem Campus participated in the SISAC U11 Boys Football Tournament in District 7. Both teams were exceptional ambassadors for the Australian International School as they played with skill, determination and teamwork. They got through the tournament undefeated against 6 other international schools, including BIS, ISHCMC, SSIS, BVIS, American International School and ABC International School.
The finals saw two of our U11 Boys’ Soccer teams from Thao Dien and Thu Thiem compete against each other for the championship. The tournament finished with Thao Dien in 1st place and Thu Thiem in 2nd.
Goal Scorers:

  • From Thao Dien: Levin Biner (2 goals); Steven Tran (2), Oscar Knight (4); Lucas Clifford (1)
  • From Thu Thiem: Kotaro Wato (3); Dang Trinh Vo (1); Gia Huy Pham (2); Henry Harvey (1)

Congratulations to our players and coaches on the fantastic results and an unforgettable way to end the season!