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AIS Continues Its Partnership With RMIT By Starting An Intern Program

AIS are delighted to continue our partnership with RMIT Vietnam with an intern program.

Intern program 2021

This academic year, AIS welcomes 2 RMIT students - Anh Dinh and Nam-Phuong Nguyen to our Marketing team. Anh Dinh is majoring in Digital Marketing, while Nam-Phuong holds Bachelor of Professional Communication. They are now working as Social Media and Content interns at AIS and are enjoying applying their training into the workplace. Learn more about the interns in the interview below.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself 

Nam Phuong: I’m from Hanoi. I have been to HCMC since March but I’m currently in my hometown due to the COVID outbreak and haven’t been able to return to HCMC. I have been working from home for AIS since 1st of July this year. I will be a freshly graduate from RMIT Vietnam with a bachelor’s degree in professional communication by the end of September 2021.

Van Anh: I come from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – a beautiful place with generous and hospitable citizens. My internship started in July but since then, everything is still held online. Although I cannot enjoy the working environment at AIS, I am able to experience the professional working spirit of the whole Marketing team. I will graduate in 2022 with the Bachelor of Digital Marketing, RMIT Vietnam.

2. What are you looking forward to with this internship at AIS?

Nam Phuong: With this internship at AIS, I want to test my what I’ve learnt at RMIT and more importantly get to know the industry and my coworkers to maintain a good relationship with them.

Van Anh: I want to listen and learn from the Marketing Experts in our team and learn how to work in a team environment from planning to the end result of a project.

3. What do you love about AIS?

Nam Phuong: It’s quite interesting that the old AIS campus in District 3 (Currently, AIS campuses are in Thu Thiem and Thao Dien - Thu Duc City, HCMC) used to be RMIT campus in HCMC so I like this “coincidence”. It makes me feel somewhat of a connection to AIS. AIS's educational values are similar to RMIT, which I admire a lot. Through the content of the online classes that I’ve had the chances to see, AIS has been creating a safe, interesting and motivational environment for students to freely explore and express themselves. I really love that I get to a part of this big team which is supportive.

Van Anh: The Aussie values and heritage connects all of us together. I’ve found that both RMIT and AIS bring positive energy, amazing working philosophy and guarantee a top quality international education. AIS creates a friendly workplace where employees support each other for the common purpose. Throughout my internship journey, I feel lucky and well-supported by each of the members because they are innovative, disciplined and consistent. Furthermore, AIS encourages and supports the staff to develop by empowering and training us into independent workers.

4. Your message to future interns at AIS

Nam Phuong: Set your goal and objectives straight before you start because every experience is personal. Having clear objectives in mind will help you keep track of your learning progress. When you leave or change jobs, relationships and experience are what you can take with you. Don’t be fearful or afraid to ask questions or challenge the existing systems and processes. Learn how and where to put your points across because these are the qualities which are highly appreciated. In the end, enjoy your interning season and do not forget to have fun.

Van Anh: Optimistic attitude and passionate working philosophy are the main things to easily adapt to the working environment. You should keep track of everything, including your personal objectives and assigned tasks carefully. Moreover, I think new interns should not hesitate to take challenges or start a conversation as every experience counts and may unlock a new level inside us.

In conclusion, to Nam Phuong and Van Anh, AIS wants to congratulate you both on your internship. Thank you for taking this ride with us, and thank you for being such amazing members of our team. We appreciate the dedication and hard work that you have both displayed across the tasks you have been assigned. As you go back to college and/or beyond, we hope that AIS has been a learning place for you.

We hope that you both become the future leaders in your endeavor future.