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PYP NEWS Wellbeing

In recent times wellbeing has become a strong focus around the globe as an important goal, aiming to develop a more inclusive, healthy, caring and happy society.

pyp news welbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in communities and schools becoming more aware of wellbeing and schools are striving to keep students connected, work through any anxieties, keep students healthy and motivated for learning.

PYP NEWS Wellbeing


What are the features of Wellbeing?

Professor Martin Seligman, an American psychologist, educator and author of self-help books examined positive psychology interventions. He designed a model for Wellbeing called the PERMA model.

Positive emotion: emotions such as, hope, interest, joy, love, compassion, pride, amusement and gratitude

Engagement: participating in activities that you really enjoy

Relationships: developing social skills through friends, family, colleagues and community members

Meaning: knowing that everyone has a purpose in life

Accomplishments: knowing and reaching your desired goals

Other features of developing Wellbeing is physical activity, nutrition and the right amount of sleep.

PYP NEWS Wellbeing


Why is it important to focus on Wellbeing?

Research shows that there is a strong relationship between Wellbeing and learning outcomes. A positive Wellbeing strengthens learning engagement and focus, mood and behavior, mental health and an over all healthier lifestyle.

How we develop Wellbeing at Australian International School (AIS)?

We support the children’s positive emotions through our Learner Profile attributes, reading stories and identifying with the characters, providing a safe environment for children to express their emotions, gratitude tree journal to express their emotions, learning about the zones of regulation and making the connection that diet, exercise and sleep are all ways to keep your emotions balanced.

PYP NEWS Wellbeing


The children at AIS are engaged through teachers planning for the interests of the child, promoting student agency, collaboration and reflecting on the teaching and learning, making adjustments where needed.

Relationships at AIS are developed by creating an open and safe place to be ourselves, encouraging a variety of friendship groups, through our PYP units of inquiry and Learner Profile attributes.

PYP NEWS Wellbeing


We identify that we all have an important meaning in life by exploring our strengths and areas of challenge, through our reflections, differentiating learning experiences so everyone can succeed and recognizing our achievements.

PYP NEWS Wellbeing


Accomplishments at AIS focus on building the students confidence, to be comfortable to make mistakes and take risks and by providing positive feedback.

PYP NEWS Wellbeing