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Inspired Student Global Citizenship Festival

Students from schools across the Inspired Group – including some from Australian International School Vietnam - joined together to celebrate and explore their global connectivity.

Inspired Student Global Citizenship Festival

Earlier this month, 15 schools from 11 different countries joined in a festival of shared citizenship, across all age groups, presenting their own, and exploring each other’s culture, ideas and creativity.

The festival was hosted by The British School of Bahrain and AIM Mexico. The festival program included 15-minute interactive cultural events, hosted by each school, across a wide variety of student selected topics, with all participating schools invited to connect, take part, ask questions and celebrate the diversity of culture across Inspired’s amazing schools. Many events were ‘live’ for students and classes to connect with directly and recordings were also on offer to support participation across global time zones.


Cultural festival


In the Early Years and Primary, students created artwork that celebrated their unique culture and sense of place – and this was presented as a competition for students to guess the location.

The middle years events included traditional art and dance displays, presentations on the role of women in different cultures and culture student TED talks.

Our senior school students presented and celebrated their national festivals, cooked national dishes ‘live’, and connected to share experiences of life, learning and university pathways in their different countries.

Students from the following schools joined together for the festival:

American Institute of Monterrey, Mexico

Australian International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

British School of Bahrain Brookhouse School, Nairobi, Kenya

Colegio San Patricio Soto, Madrid, Spain

Fulham School, London, United Kingdom

International School of Modena, Italy

King’s College, Latvia

King’s College, Panama

PaRK School, Lisbon, Portugal

Reddam House Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa

Reddford House The Hills, Pretoria, South Africa

Reddford House Blue Hills, Johannesburg, South Africa

Reddford Hills Northcliff, Johannesburg, South Africa

Sotogrande International School, Spain

In our Kindergarten and Primary School, we used the Moon Festival celebration in September to help create our presentation to share with the other Inspired schools. We shared beautiful pieces of art that were created by our AIS students for our online Moon Festival exhibition. The other Inspired schools that watched our presentation were shown student art in order to see if they could work out which country we are from. After we revealed our country, we shared with a video of our Moon Festival celebrations from 2020.


cultural student festival


We are now hoping to use this opportunity to make connections with these Inspired schools to help develop interconnectedness and learn about different cultures from around the world.