Welcome to the AISA Games 2023



Dear AISA athletes, coaches, parents and visitors, 

AIS Saigon warmly welcomes you to the AISA Games 2023! We are very proud and privileged to be hosting the Games after a 4-year hiatus. We hope that everyone can enjoy not only the excitement of a sports competition but take the opportunity to experience a new culture and country. Vietnam is a wonderfully vibrant country, rich in culture and history and Saigon is a fast-paced and rapidly developing international city. Please enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of this lovely country! 

Our school has been excitedly preparing for this chance to host the AISA Games. We cordially invite you to make yourselves at home on our campus during your 3-day stay. Our students are warm and friendly, so we encourage you all to make conversation, forge friendships and share stories of life as international students. 

We have an action-packed 3 days of sports planned for you all and look forward to the intense schedule of friendly competition. There will be highs and lows, joy and disappointment but above all, the enjoyment of playing the sports you train hard for and love. 

Play hard, play fair, demonstrate great sportspersonship, cheer for everyone and enjoy the atmosphere here at AIS Saigon. Bring on the AISA Games Saigon 2023! 

Matthew Washer 

Director of Sport 

Australian International School Saigon









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Touch Rugby









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Join us on our Open Day

Join us in celebrating 'Fair Play' as top students from Australian International Schools across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia convene for an electrifying sports showdown. Competitions in basketball, football, swimming, touch rugby, and netball will showcase talent at AIS Saigon's state-of-the-art sports facilities. You too can join the action by visiting AIS Saigon in our Open Day on Saturday 18th November.