Lời Chứng Thực Của Phụ Huynh

Ms. Mijeong Kim

Hi. My name is Mijeong Kim, and I am a mom of three sons, Eunwoo (Y6), Geonwoo (Y4), and Shinwoo Kim (JK). My sons have been studying at AIS for more than two years.

So far, I am very satisfied with their school lives. During the last two years, I have experienced so many great things from AIS in terms of online learning and offline learning. When I had to face online learning at first in February 2020, it was not really great experience. That was because like many other schools, AIS was not fully ready for online learning and my kids were not used to the online school system either. However, AIS tried to listen to the voice of parents and students about online learning and reflected immediately on the curriculum. When I had to face online learning again (when HCMC was locked down in 2021), the online curriculum was very systematic and easy to follow for students. Although it was 'Online Learning', my kids felt like they were studying in the real school and meeting classmates and teachers. From everyday feedback of teachers who were very cheerful and careful, my kids keep their curiosity and patience in learning.

I really appreciate the huge effort of teachers for the students. The curriculum of AIS also stimulates the curiosity of my kids about the world. From AIS, my kids are getting to have questions about environmental problems, poverty, and many issues of the world. They are not only learning knowledge but also attitude as a global citizen to make a change. I can see that they are starting to have a bigger view of the world. I believe those experiences give my kids a high level of self-esteem, consideration, awareness, and responsibility for the world.

I do not know if my kids would become global leaders or not. But I hope they have the happiest, the most confident, and the most considerate lives in the future. I believe the various experiences and happy memories of AIS will be the stepping stone. Thank you for reading my stories.


Mrs Jeong SunJu

‘Beginning all those years ago as a cute boy with plump cheeks who finally understood the teacher’s instructions: ‘Hold a pencil’, to now growing up to be an 18-year-old young man, Australian International School (AIS) is where my son, GeunWoo, spent most of his life studying. Although, when he started, AIS was a new experience being a school which taught in a language he was not so familiar with, over the years, I am so proud of how he has grown and developed, and I am very grateful to the school.

For me, I don’t think schools should put their grades first. I think it’s important to also instil the values of integrity, respect, and teamwork. I have never asked my son to be the best; instead I feel it’s better for all of us to do our best at our own pace. Only then will we be satisfied with the results after we have achieved our own individual best. Everyone can’t be in the front seat, but there are seats for every person.

The most important thing is to acknowledge and respect all the differences in peoples’ character, personality, and quality. Therefore, it is important to have an environment where you can love yourself and do what you want to do with consideration for each other.

In that respect, I would like to express my gratitude for the nine years we have spent at AIS. I was able to wait for my son to grow up without rushing, and I’m so impressed that now he is a teenager with such a great, independent and well-balanced outlook.

We will leave AIS soon as my son is in Year 13, but I will always support AIS’s educational philosophy. I hope AIS will guide future students in the right direction as the school always has done in the past.’


Mrs Hang Nguyen

‘Hello! I am Viet Nghia’s mother and my son is a Year 5 student at the Australian International School (AIS).

My child transferred from a Vietnamese local school, so when starting at AIS, his level of English wasn’t so high. Initially, my family was very worried and afraid that he would not be able to keep up with his fellow classmates. What has been amazing though is that despite the fact my son joined the school not so long ago, now he can speak English much more fluently, no longer feeling shy, and is instead much more confident.

Every day, my son comes home from school and shares with the entire family how happy he was with his day. From mentioning that he enjoyed his school lunch, to having fun dressing up for Halloween. Fridays are his favourite as he has a PE class which he loves very much, and he loves his teacher, Mr Shepherd, because he is very fun in the classroom, teaching lessons through playing activities.

For me, I really appreciate Ms Susan and Ms Thuong who support me whenever I do not understand my son’s lessons, and I want to thank them a lot for their support. Our family also would like to send our thanks to Ms Diep from the admissions team, who always proactively helps and supports us whenever our family is not clear about anything. Not forgetting AIS’s bus team who have a lovely bus nanny, Ms Nhi, and a great driver.’


Mr Wilfred Koh

‘It’s been more than three years since Karen began studying at the Australian International School (AIS) after relocating from Cambodia. Karen enjoys attending class every day due to the friendly approach of the AIS teachers, the good quality of education they provide, and because the teachers really make students enjoy the lessons taught. Also, the students are encouraged to ask questions whenever they like during the lesson to help teachers ensure that they fully understand the topic before moving on to the next.

Thanks to the many ECA activities the school provides as well as the annual camping trip, which my daughter enjoys tremendously, I feel AIS supports students in becoming more confident and independent to take care of themselves.

With the school’s many facilities, secure campus and helpful staff, the school grounds are very clean and safe, making the students feel more at home. As a result, Karen is happy to attend AIS for many more years to come.’


Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Chi  

‘Everyone at Australian International School (AIS) is really friendly; from the security guards to the administrative staff, to the teachers. I am so happy to send my child to AIS.’ 

Mrs Nguyen Thanh Thao 

‘My name is Thao, and my son, Bob (Mai Phuoc Minh Quan) studied at Australian International School (AIS), graduating in the class of 2020. I can confidently say that the years that he spent at this school were among the best years of his education. First of all, because he was able to access AIS’s well-rounded curriculum. Both the IGCSE and the IB Diploma are accepted world-wide, which opens up numerous opportunities for him. In addition, the challenges Bob faced during his years studying the IB were fantastic preparation for university. He was admitted into UC Berkeley, a top 10 university according to the Times Higher Education and US News Global Best Universities rankings.

Secondly, Bob loved his teachers at AIS. He’d often share with me about how he enjoyed staying behind after class for a chitchat with the teaching staff or how the teachers would always go out of their way to help him perfect his work.

Lastly, because Bob loved the supportive community of both the students and staff who surrounded him. AIS always helped him in all of his community projects, nurturing his ideas and giving him constant support, even after he graduated.

I am always grateful and so proud that my son studied at this amazing place that he calls home.’