Year 4 Camp to Vung Tau

(Ronni)  Waiting, waiting, waiting to catch the bus so we can go to camp!  What attitude are we showing here? Any ideas?………………. (tolerance)

(Ryu)  On the bus heading to the beach! Which attitude can you see on our faces?  (Enthusiasm)

(MyLinh)  At the beach, we split into house groups and played a game called beach trains.  We had to try not to break apart.  Not easy, but super fun! Which attitude are we showing here? (co-operation)

(Zoe)  Sand castle competition in our house groups.  We are being creative and open minded.

(Bill)  I decided to create a house team flag for our sandcastle.  Can you see the Phoenix I drew in the sand?  I am showing the Learner Profiles of being a Thinker & Reflective

(HaAnh)  At meal times we are showing the attitude of appreciation with all this yummy food

(Afikah)  Now the fun stuff really starts!  The flying chair was one of our favourite activities but we weren’t all so confident the first time.  We showed the attitudes of confidence and independence.

(Louise)  We are getting really good at making new friends and looking after our old ones if they are nervous or worried.  What attitude are we showing here?  (caring)

(Aino)  There were so many interesting plants and crazy bugs at camp, like this enormous millipede.  We are showing we can be very curious inquirers.

(Anna)  The roller coaster! We were so nervous about going on the roller coaster! We had to be brave and show that we were risk takers

(TaeYeon)   The pool area was so fun, and we loved sharing this with ALL Year 4 kids.  To be safe and fair but still have fun, we had to show integrity

(Christina)  We learned how the local people plant vegetables to grow their own food.  Here we are planting strawberries and herbs.  Here we are showing the Learner profiles of communication & knowledge

(Daisy)   We had to work together to create a group name, a flag and a chant.  We had to listen to each others’ ideas, so we are showing which attitudes?
(co-operation and creativity)

(Kevin)  This hoop had to be passed down the line of all 21 children in the class without letting our hands go.  It was really tough to do this quickly, but together we showed commitment & respect.

(Ronni)  Commitment AGAIN here with the tug of war challenge.  What else are we having to do here so that we work together as a team? (co-op)

(Afikah)  4NTA won the tug of war challenge out of all 4 classes.  We were proud of ourselves but didn’t want to be show offs, so we had to show respect and integrity to the other teams.

(Aino)  After a very busy camp, it was time to get our bags and go back down the mountain in the cable cars.  What a beautiful view!  What attitudes are we showing here? (indep and apprec)

(MyLinh) Quietest bus ride ever back to AIS! Now we are just sleepy!