Year 5 Market Days

The Year 5 Market Day at Thu Thiem and Thao Dien was a great success as it allowed the students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in a real world practical learning activity. The central idea of UOI 3 is that “People create ways to buy and sell their goods and services” and so Market Day was an ideal vehicle for students to be engaged inquirers in discovering what it takes to run a successful market stall. To achieve this, students worked collaboratively in small groups to form companies and were responsible for using the theoretical knowledge that they gained throughout the unit. Students were able to complete business plans which included company names, logos, slogans, surveys and advertising strategies to help establish their product or service and the potential demand for them. 

On Market Day, the students were prepared, excited and a little nervous to say the least. The gallery set up in the outside area to create a busy atmosphere full of students enjoying homemade lemonade and popsicles, bubble tea, cakes, cookies, rice paper, popcorn and macaroons. Some of the services on offer included coloured hairspray, nail polish, basketball, pop the balloon, soccer shootouts and the always popular sponge throwing booth. When trading had finished, many stalls had sold out of their stock and made a healthy profit, which the students have decided to donate to a charity.

The Year 5 teachers would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for helping the students prepare for Market Day.