Year 7 special day

On Wednesday, 7 September all Year 7 students came off normal timetable for a day of activities focusing on key IT Skills and Digital Citizenship, led by the Deputy Principal, Mr Mark Vella.

The first session of the day focused on equipping Year 7 students with some essential IT skills involving setting up and organising folders and the creation and effective formatting of Word Documents. The theme of the second session was what it means to be a digital citizen and gaining an understanding of the concept of our digital footprint. School Prefects did a great job of assisting with the group discussions and activities. To break up what was a long session the students enjoyed a boisterous game of ‘Number Crash‘ which was followed by an ‘Elves, Giants, and Wizard‘ tournament. The final session after lunch saw students collaborating in small groups to create presentations to share and communicate their newfound knowledge. The students worked enthusiastically to produce Powerpoint presentations, video clips, posters (both digital and on paper), and even the script for a short play.