Why is Early Years education important?

When is my child ready for school? And what kind of school should I choose?

These are crucial questions that every parent will spend considerable time and resources investigating—because nothing is more important than seeing our children succeed and thrive. So what are some factors that parents should consider when answering these questions? It is helpful to first examine why an early education is important.

Australian International School Vietnam

“Social skills are so important for this age!” says Rachel Perkins, Kindergarten and Primary Principal at Australian International School (AIS)

“Children can not only develop their knowledge of maths, literacy, the world around them and beyond, but also emotional development and interpersonal communication skills.” 

Why AIS?

As an international school, AIS gives students the ability to interact with other students and teachers from over 40 countries—helping them develop empathy and multicultural understanding from an early age. But what is it that truly sets the AIS early years programme apart from other international schools?

“High-quality teachers!” emphasizes Ms Perkins. “We take great care to ensure all of our teachers have great references, and at least three years of teaching experience in their home countries.”

Australian International School Vietnam

AIS also equips their teachers with tools to openly communicate and share what happens in the classroom with parents, not just in quarterly reports, but throughout each day. Using software called Seesaw, teachers can upload videos and photos of their students’ activities that parents can access directly from their phones—and best of all, photos and videos are private, for their parents’ eyes only.

Video source: Australian International School Vietnam

Parents who visit any AIS campus need no convincing: this international school offers some of the highest-quality educational facilities in the city, with spacious and modern classrooms, playgrounds, and open green spaces. AIS also features a range of campus styles and sizes, including two smaller locations in Thao Dien for a more intimate and personal setting.

Australian International School Vietnam

Using a “play-based learning” approach, AIS engages their students through all their senses and fosters a creative and active learning environment. “The play-based approach is very important to us,” says Ms Perkins…

“While it may just look like the students are having fun—and they are!—everything we do in the classroom is actually carefully planned to promote the development of social and physical skills.” 

Choosing AIS

AIS is an International Baccalaureate certified school with an exceptional Primary Years Programme that goes well beyond international quality standards. For parents who want to ensure the absolute best start for their students and a solid English education, AIS offers placement tests for kindergarten students who can then choose EAL courses suited to their level.

Australian International School Vietnam

While AIS is certainly well-equipped for all stages of a child’s development, the decision must ultimately be made by those who know the child best. “When parents know, they know,” says Ms Perkins. “It’s up to parents to decide when their child seems ready to engage and begin learning. And when they’re ready, we’re waiting for them.”

Source: citypassguide